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Two (2) CDs

Pattern CD

(1) The first CD contains patterns for the Circular Sock Knitting Machince taken from the SockMachine Knitting Newsletter over the first twenty years of that publication.

The CD is laid out using Adobe Acrobat method of Table of Content. You can readily find the pattern of interest, click on the name, jump to the text and pictures for that pattern.

Because the patterns are in the Adobe Acrobat format, they may be printed to hard copy.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this CD. The Reader may be downloaded free of charge from Quicktime from may also be required on your machine for viewing the film clips. Quicktime is also free for downloading

Instructional CD

(2) The second Instructional CD has general information about Circular Knitters:

This CD contains information about Circular Sock Machines. How to clean them, how to set them up, thread them, adjust them for knitting including adjusting tension for yarn and conditions, adjusting timeing, knitting waste yarn, placing the ribber and ribber adjustments are all shown in the first section of the CD.

The second section of the CD shows how to make sock tops of different styles: ribbed, hemmed, rolled, picot, and mock ribber tops are all explained and illustrated. Different types of heels and how to make them are shown. Knitting toes both wide and narrow, fashion or wedge and toe closing using Kitcheners or latching completes this section.

Fancy stitches including open work, polka dots and argyles fill the third section of the CD.

Information about various machines and machine pictures provide a short history of the Circular Sock Machine for the fourth and final section of the CD.