The above links provide for getting subscriptions or individual copies of the newsletter. If you have chosen to recieve your copy via the Internet there is a link for that.

In addition, some links provide further information such as regional groups of knitters, how-to tutorials, shared printed items, and links to other individuals or businesses supporting the Circular Knitting Machines.

The subscription

The subscription is (4) four issues of the publication that covers events for one year. The issues are published chronological on the first of March, June, September and December. However, the subscription commences at the time your make payment. In order for you to not have to wait for an issue, we send you the last issue we have published. Example: If you subscribe and pay in the middle of August, we will send you Junes issue immediately.

Delivery via the Internet

There is a distinct advantage for both the buyer and the seller to have delivery made via the Internet. It saves postage and handling for which it cost neither party.

As the buyer, you will receive notice to pickup your copy before those being delivered by USPS even get out the door. In additiion, because of the increased rates of postage in this last year, we are going to have to have more money for the printed hard copy.

Payment Method

There are (2) two ways to pay for the subscription: (If by PayPal please make a choice of delivery type from the drop-down menu; Via Internet or Hard Copy)

  1. $9.00 through PayPal:
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  2. Send a check or money order for $8.00 to:
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